How is The Office Extra different from other agencies?

Whatever the task, our approach is to keep it simple and bespoke.  That way, what we offer is unique……because it’s a solution for your unique business!  We provide a ‘One Stop Shop’ for all your business admin, marketing and design needs. 

No need to use numerous contacts just to get the business basics done, we have it all under one roof, saving you time, money and energy in managing all those elements yourself. Get in touch here today and we will happily help you.

Is The Office Extra a local or national agency?

The Office Extra are proud to come from the North West of England with it’s rich history of business, manufacturing and technology.  Our Clients who require us to work in their offices on a regular basis are based in the North West however, thanks to the power of technology, we can also work remotely for Clients all over the UK.

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What are the prices for your services?

Because we tailor our services to you that means we also tailor the price!

No need to pay for a ‘set service package’ that includes items you just don’t want or need. 

Dependent on your requirements we can either provide services on an hourly rate, a tailored monthly retainer package or even a fixed price project fee. 

Why not contact us with your requirements and we’ll have a chat and provide you with a written quote.  We’re confident that you’ll be pleasantly surprised…..value for money does still exist!

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How does 'working remotely' actually work in practice?

Well, this depends on the work we are undertaking on your behalf.  If it’s a fixed price project then we will have already factored our time in to our quotation, we will therefore be simply getting on with your project away from your premises but always working to the project timeline we agree together. 

However, if we’re working for you on an hourly rate, we use a time recording system to ensure that our invoice only reflects the time we spent working for you.

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Do i have to sign up to a

long term contract?

Quite simply….No. 

We are happy to take on one-off projects or tasks on your behalf however, we are confident that once you have experienced ‘The Office Extra Service’ you are certain to become a repeat customer either for more one-off projects/tasks or you may decide to ask us to create a tailored retainer package for you. 

We’re here to support you and grow your business, not tie you up into unnecessary contracts!

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can i mix and match services?


Everyone loves a good pick 'n' mix...after all our tastebuds...err business needs can change from time to time!

Dependent on your requirements we are able to provide a solution to suit you and then base these around either an hourly rate, a monthly retainer package or even a fixed price project fee.

Why not contact us with your requirements and we’ll have a chat and maybe some pick 'n' mix too.

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